Ice cream coctail party

If you enjoy cooking, then this holiday is for you! The jolly chef from the land of sweets will tell you all the secrets about ice cream and cotton candy! There are 3 programs to choose from:

1. “Cocktail – ice cream”: we will tell the history of cocktails, talk about the healthy composition of cocktails, prepare ingredients, decorate and make 3 different cocktails each. Each participant will be able to choose their own ingredients for their cocktails.

Ingredients: ice cream, milk, juices, bananas, mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries, cocoa.

2. “Pop Cake with Ice Cream” : let’s tell you what this funny phrase means and different variants of Pop Cakes preparation. For you we have chosen the fastest (no waiting in the fridge) but the most interesting and healthier (less sugar!) way to make and eat Pop Cakes! You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Each participant will make 3 Pop Cakes.

Ingredients: dough, food coloring, candy, various sprinkles/sprinkles, and of course, POPPY!

3. NEW!!! Coton Candy Wool by Coton Candy Est. Want to make your holiday sweeter and brighter ? 🤩 Master class 🤩 for children from 5 to 14 years old, where they can try to make cotton candy themselves 😉 and learn a lot of interesting things about it 🤔



Pizza party

LapsiLopsi, Linnamäe Peetri Pizza presents the “Young Pizza Master” holiday
. Children can make their own pizza (a small thin pizza with two fillings of their choice). Children will be taught how to roll out the dough. They will be able to choose their own filling. They will take it on a shovel and send the pizza to the oven. They will watch how their pizza is baked. An experienced pizza master will tell you when the pizza is ready. The guys will pull it out of the oven themselves. They will put it on a plate and try to cut the pizza with a special round knife. As the pizzas are being prepared, the children will return to the children’s room to taste their masterpiece.