Entertainment programs

  1. 10+ Live Game Among Usfrom HappyKidsTallinn. Game for children 10+ !!! Children sit on their phones and in front of the computer a lot. We know how to captivate children. In our quest, the guys will feel like real players of the game Among Us. The participants will have to figure out who the traitor is, but before that they will have to pass the test and solve the puzzles, and after the general vote we will find out the name of the enemy.
  2. 6+ Live Game Among Usby NarruKidsTallin. Our team has prepared a program for you based on the game Among Us. The game is suitable for children 6-10 years old. The program is conducted by one of the characters, active games will alternate with riddles and puzzles. The guys will find out what kind of dance the characters of the game love and will be able to learn it. The program will appeal to amateurs of Among Us and also to those who are not familiar with the game.
  3. Likee party from NarruKidsTallin
    We have prepared a program based on the Like application. The advantages of the program are that right at the holiday, guests can record cool and vivid videos and upload them to the network. If one of the guests is “Novichok”, then our hosts will help you shoot a video that will be remembered. If your child wants to feel like a star for a while, then this program is 100% for you. We shoot videos with the most popular and relevant music. Also, our host will hold a game “Guess who I am?” and a real surprise will be a box in which you will need to understand the contents by touch. The fun and relevance of this program – we guarantee! Age from 7 years !!!
  4. Tik Tok Party from HappyKidsTallinn All teenagers know tik tok. Our animator will spend the holiday so that children will feel like real tiktok stars. What is included in the program: 1. Guessing trends from tick tok. 2. Repeat the trend (dance). 3. Guess the tiktoker quiz. 4. Guess what TikToker is promoting. 5. Trend guess who. 6. Removes tick currents with prepared tasks, watch them on the screen. 7. Dance block. Just dance. 8. Taking pictures. !! This program is suitable for those children who know what Tik Tok is. Age from 9 years old !!

  5. Costumed animators from Happy Kids Tallinn (Spider-Man, Princess, Marshall or Skye from Puppy Patrol, Pippi Longstocking, Pirate/Pirate, Clown, Nusha from The Little People, Spark or Princess Celestia from My Little Pony, Barbie, LOL Unicorn, Caramel or Korzhyk from 3 Cats, Anna, Elsa or Olaf from Frozen, Witch, Ninja Turtle, Mini Mouse, Leon from Brawl Stars, Superman)

  6. Disco with Iriska from Happy Kids Tallinn AND Riska loves to dance, she knows the recipe for a great disco. Games, dance warm-up, learn a few movements and everyone is ready for the disco! And then the funniest part of the program will begin, everyone will be able to show what they can with incendiary, favorite music.
  7. Quest for schoolchildren from 8 years old from NarruKindsTallin Extra charge +25 euros Quest – an entertaining sequential game, with riddles, puzzles and secret ciphers. Each guest will feel like a hero of an exciting adventure. Quest themes: pirate adventure, the mystery of the Egyptian tombs, detective, horror story, secrets of the Lol doll.
  8. Workshop “Slimes” by Happy Kids Tallinn Extras +25 euros Master class on making slimes. What is the most popular among children and on all videos right now? Slimes, of course. Almost every child at home or away tried to make it himself. We invite you to our master class on making slimes, in which we will make our own anti-stress, colored and shiny and from different materials. Age from 7 years!
  9. Scienceshow by Happy Kids Tallinn. Extra charge +30 euros. Do you want a truly memorable experience? Let everything fog, froth and gurgle?! Science show with dry ice will not leave indifferent not only kids, but also their parents. On the program: mixing colors, smoky bubbles, a balloon that inflates itself, a fun clapper, a Magic Drink for each child. Our professor not only knows a lot about science, but he also knows how to have fun better than anyone else. Professor costume (bright wig and robe)

All of the above programs are designed for 1 hour. Maximum 12 people.

Please observe age and numerical limits, otherwise the program will not work 100%!

When choosing a program in less than a week, be prepared for the desired program or character to be already taken. In this case, we will contact you and offer what is available.

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