Family package

This holiday package is suitable for a small company. The family package is suitable for small parties, meetings with friends and family get-togethers.

Cost from 60 euros

  1. Children’s cafe rental 3 hours
  2. Drinking water,
  3. All dishes (not disposable!), napkins
  4. Cleaning.

!!! Coffee machine with milk and sugar 10 euros!!!

IMPORTANT! DO NOT bring your own food or drinks! The fee for a cake brought with you is 10 euros. Pay according to Peetri Pzza and LapsiLopsi list prices. Payment for each child 5 euros, pizzas, drinks and other meals according to menu taking into account the applicable discounts. Stamps in the pizzeria card for pizzas and for a visit. The minimum account amount is 60 euros. The booking fee is 60 EUR, which is deducted from the total bill. Maximum number of 12 children and 12 adults

By booking this party, you agree to the rules of a one-time visit.
You can pay by card with us! Book now 

It is possible to order “Iriska” … This is the friend of the children. She will make friends with the guys and will entertain them for 1 hour. The cost is 35 euros. Toffee arrives one hour after the start of the event and leaves 1 hour before the end of the event. Indicate your desire to extinguish Iriska in the comments to the order. The cost of Iriska is paid separately and is not included in the total bill!