Playroom LapsiLopsi is the Linnamäe Peetri Pizzeria children’s room.

You can rent a room for the party or bring your kids to eat pizza and play.

If the room is not busy with a holiday, then it is open for young visitors every day from 10.00 to 21.00.

For safety reasons, the front door to the room is always closed. There is a bell on the door. The pizzeria worker will open the door for you. The room itself also has a bell for calling the staff, who is always ready to help you.

Indoors, you can wear socks or change shoes.

Please be careful with toys and all things in the room.

Notify personnel as soon as possible of broken or malfunctioning appliances and toys.

Children must not be left unattended in the room. Each parent is responsible for his or her child and for their behaviour.

We eat and drink only at the tables.  We don’t walk around the room with food.

Drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking in the room are prohibited.

It is forbidden to bring pets into the room.

You CAN use fireworks for the cake.

It is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks on a one-time visit.

Feedback about the room, comfort and food, be sure to tell the staff or write  in our guestbook.

There are many developing things in the room: board games, puzzles, various constructors, mosaics, plasticine,  painting supplies, etc. At your request and under your responsibility, the staff will give you everything you need from the cabinets.

Please note that the room can fit up to 12 children and the same number of adults.

The room is under video surveillance.