Full package

Cost 165 euros

Included in the price :

  1. Rent a room for 3 hours,
  2. Coffee machine with milk and sugar,
  3. Ice cream,
  4. 5 large thin pizzas for your choice,
  5. a tray with Nazi chicken fries and meat balls,
  6. berry juice and drinking water,
  7. all dishes (not disposable!), straws, napkins
  8. 12 balloons filled with helium (colors for choice: green, red, purple, pink)
  9. Cleaning.

The booking fee is 45 EUR, which is deducted from the total amount

Maximum 12 children and 12 adults.

Additional food and drinks can be ordered immediately in cafe. 15% discount on pizzas

The room has all the necessary good quality utensils – knives, forks, spoons, plates, glasses, mugs, napkins, bowls, vases. Do not take disposable dishes with you!

You can pay by card!

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