MK Young Pizza Master


Children can make their own pizza (small thin pizza with two toppings of their choice). This event can only be held at 10.00. The children will be taught to roll the dough. They will be able to choose their own filling. They themselves will take on a shovel and send the pizza to the oven. They will watch how their own pizza is baked. An experienced pizza master will tell you when the pizza will beem ready. The guys themselves will pull it out of the stove. They will put it on a plate and try to cut the pizza with a special round knife. As the pizzas are cooked, children will sit at tables forfor tasting your masterpiece.

Cost – 15 euros per person. The price includes one drink. Age restrictions from 7 years old.

The minimum group of children at MK is 6 people.

Additional information by phone 56687818

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