On his birthday, every birthday person, regardless of age, is waiting for surprises. Present a live postcard! This bright gift will fill the holiday with laughter and give unforgettable emotions.

The cost is 55 euros.

Included in the price:

  1. Departure to you
  2. Spectacular appearance of a costumed character,
  3. Entertainment program for half an hour in accordance with the age of the birthday person,
  4. optional – present your gift,
  5. Taking pictures and hugs,
  6. 2 large thin pizzas of your choice from Peetri Pizza,
  7. Bouquet of 5 balloons filled with helium (a choice of red, green, pink, purple)

Costumed characters: Caramelka, Korzik, Marshal, Skye, Mini Mouse, Spiderman, Ninja Turtle, LOL Unicorn, Pony unicorn Sparkle, Nyusha Malysharik, Among as, Princess, Baba Yaga.

Pizza you can choose here

A transport fee will be added to the price if the order is more than 5 km from Lapsi Lopsi (Linnamäe tee 37a)