Choose a party

Your party will be the most special!

In the LapsiLopsi children’s Cafe, we offer different options for celebrations, always with food, drinks, decorations and, of course, animation for all ages.

Our parties are for people of all ages: for children, teenagers, hen parties. christenings, birthdays of grandparents, and just family gatherings


  1. Super holiday 290 euros

  2. Pizza holiday (!!10.00-13.00!!) 205 euros

  3. Full package 190 euros

  4. Simple package 135 euros

  5. Family package from 60 euros

  6. Disco holiday 260 euros

  7. Holiday for the youngest 225 euros

  8. A good holiday 215 euros

  9. Sweet Feast 195 euros

  10. Big party for kindergartens and schools 295 euros

  11. NEW! Halloween 200 euros

Book a party

The booking fee is 60 EUR, which is deducted from the total amount

Maximum 12 children and 12 adults

Additional food and drinks can be ordered immediately in cafe. 15% discount on pizzas

The room has all the necessary good quality utensils – knives, forks, spoons, plates, glasses, mugs, napkins, bowls, vases.

Do not take disposable dishes with you!

You can pay by card!