Additional services


Price 35 euro

Face painting – face painting is a fascinating and very fun addition to any children’s party! Every child loves transformation! A cheerful bright drawing on a child’s face changes it beyond recognition! A couple of minutes? and this is no longer your baby, but a tiger cub, a hare, a kitten, a princess or a pirate.

We use special high-quality water-based face and body paints. They are easy to apply and just as easy to wash off with water. Such paints are hypoallergenic, so they are widely used for painting children’s faces. Drawing a picture will not take much time. And the child will get a lot of pleasure both from the process itself and from reincarnation!

A professional face painter will apply the drawing at the beginning of the party. The service is designed for 12 children (each additional child +3 euros) The cost of the service will be included in the total bill. Payment at the end of the party.


Price 35 euro

A piñata is a large hollow papier mache toy of any shape or in the form of your favorite character, filled with candy. At the holiday piñata has its own task – at some point the birthday boy with friends or independently breaks it, with the help of a special bat. And then everyone collects the scattered candy together.


Cost 50 euros/hour

By inviting a professional children’s photographer to a children’s party, you can not worry about anything, completely relax and watch the child’s happy play, laughing heartily with him! The photographer will catch the smile of the little birthday boy and will not forget to take pictures of happy parents and guests. You and your guests came to relax and you all also want to fully enjoy the holiday. A professional will take photos for memory.

Let us know in the comments to the order the time when you want to invite a photographer (at the beginning of the party – presenting gifts, a beautifully set table, all the children arecute and beautiful, in the middle of the party – entertainment and cake serving)

IMPORTANT! The earlier you order additional services, the more likely it is that the master / photographer will be able to come to your party.


The cost is 10 euros

Program duration 15 minutes

Fabulous and beautiful fun, which will become a decoration of any holiday, both children’s and adult and will not leave anyone indifferent! It’s a portable machine that automatically blows bubbles. You can have fun dancing with bubbles to your favorite music. Soap bubbles will give you bright emotions, beautiful photos and videos. WARNING: Soap bubbles will cause discomfort if they come into contact with the eyes. It is necessary to rinse the eyes with running water.


Cost 40 euros

Want to make your holiday sweeter and brighter ? 🤩
We will come to your party and treat everyone to cotton candy 🥳
The amount of 40 euros includes refreshments for up to 24 people


Price 65 euros/2 kg and 95 euros/3 kg
Ingredients: honey cakes, cream-cheese, raspberry/strawberry
Price includes decorations (toppers with characters can be made)
Allergens: honey, lactose, gluten

As well as: cakepops 2.5 euros/piece, hand-painted gingerbread 7 euros/piece, chocolate muffins with caramel or vanilla with raspberries 4.20 euros/piece (you can make inscriptions or pictures), lollipops with a picture 1.50 euros/piece .


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