Visiting admission 5 euros.

Free admission on weekdays 13.00-21.00 and on weekends 10.00-21.00, provided that the hall is not booked for the holiday. You can find out about this by calling +372 55923222 (Linnamäe Peetri Pizza). Or by visiting our page in Facebook.

The price includes – stay in the hall up to 2 hours (if the holiday booking schedule allows it – upon arrival, be sure to check with the pizza master) + water, coffee and tea for free. In the children’s room you can order food from the pizzeria. And we ate and played!

  • We also invite older children for a one-time visit. We have board games, a game console, a large TV to watch a movie and a free wifi.

One-time visit rules:

  1. By coming to the children’s room, you agree to all the rules. …
  2. There is video surveillance in the children’s room.
  3. Paid entrance for children from 0 to 18 years old.
  4. Stay in the hall up to 2 hours.
  5. For each visit, a stamp in the card of the pizzeria.
  6. Free coffee and tea for the parent.
  7. We eat and drink only at the tables.
  8. You cannot bring your own food and drinks.
  9. Put dirty dishes in black trays.
  10. We maintain cleanliness.
  11. We take great care of toys.
  12. Each parent is responsible for the behavior and safety of their child.
  13. We always keep the front door closed.
  14. We behave in a friendly manner.
  15. We do not throw other toys into the pool with balls.
  16. We do not throw out the balls from the pool.
  17. Please do not throw toys around.
  18. We feel at home.
  19. Be sure to ask the staff: how to use the coffee machine, the room is too cold or hot, something does not work well or is broken
You can pay by card!

There are cards with prints in the pizzeria. Prints are put for pizzas purchased at full price (1 large pizza = 1 print or 2 small pizzas = 1 print), as well as 1 print for visiting the children’s room. That means, that by typing 7 prints, you can choose for yourself for free: 1 large pizza or 2 small pizzas or a free visit to the room.