Photo party

The cost of the holiday is 270 euros

Included in the price :

  1. Premises rental for 3 hours
  2. Photo zone with sweets or fruits from Ink deco sweets (optional: donut, cupcake, 2 macarons, 1 lollipop OR pineapple, orange, lemon wedge, watermelon and lime OR Coca-Cola, popcorn, 2 M&M, fries)
  3. Photographer for 1 hour
  4. Coffee machine with milk and sugar
  5. Soft ice cream
  6. 5 large thin pizzas for your choice
  7. Tray with french fries chicken nagits and meat balls
  8. Berry drink and drinkin water
  9. All dishes (not disposable!), Straws, napkins
  10. 12 balloons filled with helium
  11. Cleaning

Плата за бронирование составляет 45 EUR, которая вычитается из общей суммы

Максимальное количество 12 детей и 12 взрослых

Additional food and drinks can be ordered immediately in cafe. 15% discount on pizzas

The room has all the necessary good quality utensils – knives, forks, spoons, plates, glasses, mugs, napkins, bowls, vases. Do not take disposable dishes with you!

You can pay by card!

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