Booking conditions

When booking online on our website, prepayment must be made immediately by payment through banks supported by our system (SWEDBANK, SEB, LHV, NORDEA, COOP) Payment services are provided through MAKSEKESUS AS.

For booking, you must enter your first name, last name, email address and phone number. Personal data is stored securely on our server and is not disclosed to third parties or organizations.

Unpaid reservations are automatically canceled within half an hour.

All prices on the website are indicated in EURO (€) including VAT.

To book a game room for a holiday, you must make a prepayment, the prepayment amount is 45 euros.

In case of cancellation of your holiday, the prepayment will not be refunded.

When canceling a birthday, we give you the opportunity to postpone your holiday to another date (by agreement) for a period of up to 12 months.

When buying other services (data does not include birthdays), 100% prepayment

In case of cancellation of the event (for our reason), the prepayment will be refunded.

If for some reason you missed our event, the prepayment is not refundable. VMS 53, item 3, item 2: “In accordance with the Law on Obligations, an agreement on the termination of contracts concluded between the client and the consumer is not allowed, since the contract specifies the provision of the service on a specific date.”


1. Click Book in the menu

2. In the calendar, select the day of the month and time you need.

3. After that, a window will appear where you will need to enter your and the child’s data. When all the fields are filled in, click Book

4. Then the Maksekeskus window will appear where you must enter your data, select a bank and pay.

After paying at the bank, click on the link “Back to the seller”.

Your child’s name will appear on the calendar immediately. You will receive an automatic e-mail with your booking details.