Big party

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to inform you that LapsiLopsi Mängukohvik together with Happy Kids Tallinn and with the support of Linnamäe Peetri Pizza will organize for you private parties for kindergarten and elementary school children.

Come join us right after class or afternoon with your favorite teachers and a few parent helpers as a class or group.

Celebrate birthdays, fall and spring meetings, graduations, Christmas gatherings, Halloween, friends day, teacher’s day, March 8, etc. with us.

The cost of the party is 280 euros

Included in the price:

Rent a room for 2 hours
2. An entertaining program with two animators (heroes to choose from: a witch and a bat, a caramel and a cookie from 3 cats, ponies Celestia and Sparkle, Skye and Marshall from the Puppy Patrol, Mickey and Mini mouse, 2 dwarfs or + snow maiden, Leon BrawlStars and Among Us, Baba Yaga and snow maiden)
3. Full accompaniment for all 2 hours (animators meet children, all 2 hours! with children and pass children in the hands of parents)
4. Trays with fries, nagitzis and meatballs
5. Large thin pizzas 6 pieces (sauce, cheese, 1 topping)
6. Each guest gets a helium balloon as a gift
7. Berry morsel
8. Ice Cream
9. Coffee/tea + sugar, milk for parents
10. Drinking water
11. All dishes (not disposable) , napkins
12. Cleaning
The booking fee is 60 EUR, which is deducted from the total amount

Maximum of 24 children + 2 teachers and 4 parents to help.

You cannot bring your own food and drinks.

There is a party photo zone in the hall. Decorations and balloons cannot be taken with you.

The holiday can be held any weekday between 13.00 to 17.30 (when booking select the time 14.00, but in the comments to the order write a desirable start time of the holiday)

You can pay by card!

Book now

See you in LapsiLopsi!

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